Sex and Mischief Silicone Anal Beads

Make Your Anal Sex Experience Mind Blowing By Including Our Sex And Mischief Silicone Anal Beads In Your Anal Play.
? The toy is compatible for use by either gender
? Contains phthalates and hypoallergenic
? Offers maximum pleasure to both beginners and experts
If you’ve ever tried anal play, then Sex and Mischief Silicone Anal Beads are just what your ass craves for and will give you out of this world anal stimulation. Enjoy the thrilling sensations of anal pressure and pleasure by popping one bead in at a time, inserting as many as you feel comfortable with before gently tugging the handle to release each bead for even more stimulation.
You can also use anal desensitizing cream to relax your ass before sliding in these magnificent beads. This toy is made up of a flexible anal beads string Spanking Knickers with beads that are designed to give you a stimulating sexual experience for your ass. The beads graduate in size as you move up and each bead prepares you for the next size as you make your way up to the last bead while giving you optimum orgasmic fulfillment.
The flexible beaded shaft is designed in such a way that it houses multiple beads that enhances anal sex pleasure where when playing solo or with a partner. These beads are designed in a manner that all the soft spots of your anal canal are stimulated giving you maximum pleasure.
The material used is hypoallergenic making it compatible for individuals with sensitive skin. Use any water based lubricant to allow the beads to slide easier and to enjoy every bit of the session. To maintain the premium hygiene level of this product always ensure you clean this toy with mild soap and water after every use and dry completely before storage.