Pigment pearl powder ingredients coating implementation solution provide

Pill Pigment pearl powder stratum application technology support iiYiu Tak Hing professional output of wholesale pearl powder pellet pigment, pearl pigment widespread pearl powder, pearl film pearl paint tips. Open to call Liu Jun my husband and i Pearlescent Pigments in Surface finishes Pearlescent pigment in everyone coating systems are applied, such as acrylic acid, nitro fibers, alkyd, polyester, and many systems. Pulverbeschichtung Braunschweig in the water as well as the solvent medium are surely dispersed, and therefore can be accomplished for waterbased solvent practice. It is not conductive, perfectly suited for electrostatic spraying powder coating process, to eliminate the possible danger of static sparks.

It is excellent ability to resist sulfide performance, do definitely produce discoloration phenomenon. Immune to high temperature , bring baking. Excellent light resistance, weather resistance, to match the demanding requirements. Has felt widely used in automobiles, bicycles, building materials, platforms and paint the termination of the village and various other ornaments, toys, stationery, cosmetics, container, leather and then again of the coating. Pearlescent pigments is very not hard to use, simply add the correct service in an associated with transparent substrates can automatically be pearlescent paint. But tend to be pearl luster and there’s no need hue, will depend positioned on the orientation parallel for the pearlescent pigments arranged.

Typically, Yiu Tak Hing pearl pigment flakes software will follow the principles of physics, in a coating liquid that comes automatically in accordance along with direction of flow parallel, when the paint by means of solvent evaporation, or chemical compound reaction to increase typically the viscosity After such a nice direction parallel to happen to be fixed, so good as well special pearl luster am shown by hue. However, if the coating is simply thick, the high favourable evaporation rate or the building of very low temperature, their viscosity of paint in order to be made to increase absurdly slowly, Yiu Tak Hing Technology pearl powder as soon ordered to return for any state, will not yield pearlescent effects to level bleak, rough, not put together bright hue.

So, for different finish systems, should select the right drying rate and a worthwhile viscosity, the ratio for the experiment to find extremely best is important. , introduction of Add the bead powder entirely in obedience with different coating thickness, construction methods, transparency and also the need to cover market the size of some sort of pearl effect to one thing. Normal dosage of weight, but sometimes, bead powder can be started with a clear feeling of a special flash end result.